Tuesday 13th March – ninth walk of 2012

This week we met at Victoria Railway Station. We were a smaller group this week as two of our ladies are off for a few weeks on a holiday, lifetime cruise, covering the Far East.

We walked along Victoria Street and had another ‘skin of the teeth’ moment of which I was one of the culprits! Four of us were so busy in deep conversation that we didn’t notice that we should have crossed the road. It was only when the others shouted to us that we quickly crossed when the light changed. Maybe next week will be three-in-a-row!

We stopped at M & S for a coffee. From here we went straight to the Cathedral. This is a Roman Catholic Cathedral that serves England and Wales and was opened in 1903. Entry was free.

Outside the front is very impressive with lined brickwork and a huge tower, 273 feet high, with a four-sided viewing gallery. There is a charge to view the gallery. Inside it is a large and very high oblong shaped building. The lower part is ornately decorated with marble and mosaic work. The high sections of the domed ceilings and walls are just plain brickwork. This gives a feeling as if it is not completely finished. The mosaic work is amazing and must have taken many painstaking hours to complete. I particularly liked the marble panels and columns. Each side housed many small chapels. The large crucifix that hangs from the ceiling above the high altar is very dominant and striking.

A Mass commenced at 12.30 so we decided to leave. After our visit three of us, including myself, wanted to visit the shop, which we did, and the rest went straight home.

A very pleasant day with dry but windy weather.

Next week we plan to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum.