Tuesday 20th March – tenth walk of 2012

As arranged we met at Charing Cross but as there were only three of us this week we decided to change the plan. We went to St Martin’s Crypt Cafe, one of our favourite haunts, for a tea and to decide what to do.

Outside the church were four large carved statues of men and woman. There were also some in the cafe and we were discovered that they were carved by Robert Koening and part of a set of 34 wood figures carved from lime treesAs it was such a beautiful warm and sunny day we decided to walk around the west end of London and go on an Egg Hunt.  This is a competition sponsored by Faberge where 200 large decorated eggs are on show all over London.  We started at Trafalgar Square and admired the statue of boy on a rocking horse which is standing on the fourth plinth.  A lovely sculpture, I thought, which looked like it was made of wood and painted gold but is in fact bronze. 

We spotted on egg and then walked up Haymarket.  We carried on walking up to Piccadilly Circus and along to Old Bond Street.  On route we passed a couple of eggs and through Burlington Arcade there were 4 eggs all decorated in a different way.  I liked the one that reminded me of The Gherkin. We did a lot of window shopping but as this is the most expensive area of London, of course, all prices were well and truly out of our reach.  But in Old Bond Street we saw a gentleman’s outfitter that had some lovely silk ties in a sale and we ventured in.  After a good look one of us decided to purchase a lovely pinky-lilac tie!

We passed a gallery displaying work by Dale Chulchily and went in for look.  The glass here is fabulous.  The colours and shapes are amazing and how they are produced is really mind-blowing.  We remarked that it was a coincidence that we should be looking at this work as the chandelier in the entrance of the V & A was made by Dale Chulchily and that was where we had originally planned to go.  So it was a fitting end to our walk.

We caught a 23 bus to Charing Cross and got our trains home.  We had a very pleasant day in the ‘posh’ area of London and managed to spot 12 or so eggs.  Only another 188 to find before Easter!!!  All 200 of the eggs will be displayed at Covent Garden from 3rd-8th April. 

Next week plan is to visit St. John’s Gate.