Tuesday 27th April – eleventh walk of 2012

Five of us met this week. As it was such a lovely day we decided to abandon our visit St John’s Gate church and spend a pleasant morning walking in London. We started with our customary coffee in St Martins Crypt Cafe and then walked across Trafalgar Square, spotting another two eggs, to Admiralty Arch and into St James’ Park.

The park looked fabulous. With flower beds full of hyacinths and primula. The smell was lovely. The daffodils were in full bloom in the grassed areas. We went along the side of the pond. This was full of many types of ducks and swans. We saw lots of birds and squirrels all scurrying for crumbs left by people having their lunch and also children feeding the ducks. I find it really amazing that there is so much wildlife here, right in the middle of London.

The park was full of many groups of tourists mostly students, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen so many people there. We walked around the pond and at Buckingham Palace end saw another egg in the middle of the pond. We heard the Guards band returning from playing outside the Palace and stopped to watch them march into the Guards barracks at Buckingham Gate. We followed on down to Horse Guards parade and walked through to Whitehall. This was full of tourists taking photos of the Guards especially the horses.

The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm with a wonderful blue sky. We all agreed that London is fabulous, a place that we could never tire of and certainly one of the best towns in the world!

With our total of 12 eggs from last week and five from today we have a grand total of 17, still leaving another 183 hiding somewhere in London!

We made our found farewells at Charing Cross before getting our trains home. We plan to meet again after the Easter holidays as we all seem to have holidays, family visits and other commitments booked. Happy Easter to all!