Tuesday 22nd May – 17th meeting of 2012

Our usual meeting place this week Charing Cross. As one of our group was due to go in hospital for an operation, and will not be with us for some weeks, we dediced to go to the St Martins in the Fields Crypt Cafe and have catch-up chat. We were missing one lady who was at the Chelsea Flower Show, oh so lucky !! The crypt is our favourite place for a coffee as the food and drink are very good, reasonably priced, it is a spacous area, nice atmosphere and no hastle!

We managed to spend quite some time drinking our drinks and chatting.  Some of the group had to leave a little early as they had grandchildren to collect and various other jobs to do.

From here a few of us went into a part of the Crypt where there was a exhibition of paintings by John C. Burrows.  These were beautiful water colours of many scenes of London and Kent.  The artist was where and said that apart from the orginal paintings that were on display for sale he also had prints and cards.  I liked his work very much and bought some cards as did some others.  He was very helpful as one particular card that one of our ladies wanted didn’t seem to be in his collection so he took her to the shop and she purchased it there.

We spent a bit of time in the shop.  This is a really nice shop. Although quite small it has a wide range of goods and is laid out well.

We walked over to Charing Cross in the lovely sunshine and remarked that maybe at last our summer had arrived!!  So fingers crossed for next week!