Tuesday 26th June – 21st meeting of 2012

Six of us met at Charing Cross this week. Our plan was to visit Queen Marys Rose Garden in Regent’s Park and the weather just couldn’t have been better. We were so pleased as we had abandoned this idea a couple of weeks ago due to the rain.

We got the Bakerloo underground to Regent’s Park and walked along and into the park. We looked at the map and started walking towards what we thought was the right route but when we asked a gardener he told us we were going towards the Zoo!! So we had a quick about turn and got on the right road.

The park looked absolutely beautiful, the flower beds and landscape areas were fantastic. There were flower beds mapped out in red, white and blue to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and even some showing the Union Jack flag. Stunning! Some of the ladies are keen gardeners and so were very happy looking at all the different flowers and plants and naming almost all of them!

When we arrived at the rose garden it look perfect. So many different varieties of roses, all manner of colours and fragrances. Personally I liked ‘Deep Secret’ a deep red velvet rose with a beautiful smell. We were very pleased to be walking in the sunshine admiring the roses along with many people doing exactly the same.

We went right through the gardens to the cafe were we had our usual coffee and were quite pleased for a sit down! Our chat and catch up turned into an AGM, as we managed to plan our visits for the weeks ahead.  I think the lovely sunshine gave us lots of some inspiration.

We decided to walk to Baker Street along the river and spotted some little baby ducks! So cute! As the bridge over the river was closed we retraced are steps through the rose garden and back to Regent’s Park underground station.  It was good to have a second look at the wonder flowers. At Charing Cross we got our trains home after a really fabulous sunny day!