Tuesday 20th November – 34th meeting of 2012

Our plan today was to visit Stratford, view the Olympic Park and explore Westfield Shopping Centre. We met at London Bridge and took the Jubilee line to Stratford which is a really quick and easy way. Only one mishap on route which meant that we nearly and I repeat, nearly, left one of the ladies on the wrong train but luckily we all managed to jump off and grabbed her before the doors closed. Phew, a near miss!! Second time this has happened so we’re waiting now for the third!!

At Stratford we went on the subway link to the Westfield. Once inside we made our way to John Lewis for a coffee to start our morning.

Westfield Shopping Centre was built alongside the Olympic Park and opened before the games started. It is a light and airy shopping centre on three floors but in one long line so you cannot walk around the area but just up one side and back the other.  It it is vast area and has almost any shop you could want! One end is a gigantic Mark and Spencers covering three floors and it is mirrored at the other end of the precinct by John Lewis again on three floors. 

We had a coffee and chat in the coffee shop of John Lewis and then made our way to the viewing area inside John Lewis.  A very panoramic view from large glass windows and even benches for you to sit on, very civilised!! We spent quite some time here chatting about the Olympics and I myself felt a little sad at the quietness and stillness of the area when during the games there was so much hustle and bustle and excitement.  Whereas now there really didn’t seem to be much going on and had a desolate look about it.  There was a digger and some working outside of the Water Polo arena and a few workman walking about but apart from that nothing seemed to be going on.  It seems a shame that with all the changes being made the park will not be open to the public until about 2014 or so.  It is a pity that even the Orbit is closed to visitors!

 We then walked around the centre. By now it was very busy lots of people, families with children and buggies, many woman who I guess meet up for a coffee and lots of Christmas shoppers.  Throughout the precinct there are many restaurants and bars also a Cinema, Bowling Alley, Casino and Grotto and Ice Rink. The decorations throughout were lovely and with Christmas music playing it really made a festive atmosphere.  Outside there was a large Christmas tree, lots of lights and a Christmas market.  The area is well designed. Outside is The Street full of more shops and restaurants. 

A very nice area for shopping with easy access for travel by public transport and large car parking facilities.

Some of our ladies purchased some items and then we made our way to the Jubilee line, London Bridge and home. A very enjoyable day!