Tuesday 11th December 2012, 37th meeting of 2012

Today was our last get together of 2012 and we decide, thanks to one of our ladies opening up her home to us, to have lunch! A bit of planning meant that each of us supplied some part of the meal so that it split the hard work out. Must say that I came off very well by supplying the white wine!

We meet at 12 and apart from one lady who was still enjoying her once in a lifetime tour of Australia, New Zealand and many far away places, we were all there.

A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all. We chatted, eat and drunk and mulled over the year. Many things have happened over the course of 2012, many holidays have been taken and between us we have covered many parts of the world, new grandchildren have been born to the delight of us all and weddings taken place. We have covered many parts and aspects of London life, and have enjoyed it all.

We will meet again in January 2013 and start where we left off on our quest of exploring London!