Tuesday 15th January 2013 – 2nd meeting of 2013

Due to the predicted bad weather we changed our meeting place this week. Due to meet in London we decided to meet up locally, Costa Coffee, Locksbottom as the weather forecast was snow!

We arrived more or  less at the same time and after two of our ladies had re-arranged the tables and chairs to fit us all in (must add they did ask permission!), we bought our drinks and set to work to sort out our programme for the coming weeks. Needless to say it took some time to do this and many many changes were made but we managed to plan the weeks up until Easter and also a few beyond, up until June.  It is great that everyone makes suggestion and has places and things that they want to do so we never seem to struggle to come up with ideas!

I myself had driven up from my daughter at Edenbridge as I have been staying with her so I was on a limit of two hours in the car park but luckily we managed to get all the business sorted in that time!

Great that we are so organised for the weeks ahead. We will most certainly change some of the plans due to weather and commitments but that is all part of the enjoyment of our group!