Tuesday 8th January 2013 – 1st meeting of 2013

This week was our first meeting of 2013 so after meeting at Charing Cross we went straight to Victoria and Albert Museum and the tea room! After getting our drinks and cakes we sat and enjoyed a real catch up chat as today was the first time for many weeks that we were all together. Lots to talk about holidays, Christmas, new grandchildren and much much more.hollywood 4

 We had are tickets for the Hollywood Costume which we had bought on a previous walk so at 12 o’clock we went straight into the exhibition.

It was set out in three sections, Act 1 Deconstruction, Act 2 Dialogue and Act 3 Finale and told the story of how the costume designers design and make the clothes from start to the finished clothes we see on the screen. It is a very long detailed and complex process and I for one didn’t realise how much goes into the costumes of the movies.

hollywood 1

hollywood 3

It was a very technical exhibition for as well as many customes on display there were lots of video images, charts, notebooks of original designs and interactive holograms of many stars and gave a good insight into the movies. The customes on display were shown very well and had from 20’s, Charlies Chapiln, up until today including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Spiderman and many more.  The last outfits on display were Dorothy’s dress and shoes from ‘Wizard of Oz’ and the white dress that floated up over the air grill, worn by Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’.

hollywood 2holywood 5A well organised exhibiton although in parts because of the amount of people it was slow moving. After this enjoyable morning we made our way to Charing Cross and home!