Tuesday 5th February – fourth meeting of 2013

Our usual meeting at Charing Cross and just one lady short today. Got District line to South Kensington for the Natural History to view the winnings of the Veolia Environnement, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012. We saw last year’s exhibition and thoroughly enjoyed it and was hoping this year would be as good. Trains very busy with lots of school parties but once inside the Museum we made straight for the cafe and a well earned coffee. After this we purchased our tickets £5.00 for seniors.

The museum is a magnificent building. The carvings and stone work inside and out are breathtaking and well worth a visit to admire. The exhibition was through towards the back of the Museum and we passed many exhibits of birds and animals. This Museum is still what I would class as and old-fashion Museum with most exhibits in glass cases along the walls.

wildlife 1wildlife 2 youngThe exhibition was well laid out and quite easy to follow. Set in the different categories of the competition Overall Winners, Special Awards, Adult Awards and Young Awards. Each photo set in a light box showing them in the best way.  Each photo also had details of where in the world it was taken, when and all the relevent technical information.  They were some very superb shots.  For me the young people section was amazing.  Ranging from 10 years to 17 years the photos were lovely.

wildlife 3

We all decided that our favourites in the exhibition were the scruffy bird and the dripping icicle monkey.  All the photos had their own special appeal and showed a side of wildlife very rarely seen by the naked eye.wildlife 4

The exhibition was really good and well worth a visit.  It was defiantly as good as last year and I think we will visit again next year.

It was a very cold day so we got our trains and went straight home.