Tuesday 12th February fifth meeting of 2013

We met at Charing Cross today and took the District line to Kew Gardens. Two of the group short, one lady recovering from an operation and another had family commitments. A very pleasant but very cold walk to Kew Gardens and after purchasing our tickets we made straight for the cafe for a warming drink and bite to eat. The ticket price was £12.50 each concessionary price. The conditions for the 2 for 1 deal from Southeastern trains have changed now and does not let Freedom Pass holders claim two tickets for the price of one. This will possible affect us and the places that we visit in the future.

001003We made our way across the grounds of Kew and although not the best time of the year to visit it still looked lovely and still had plants and trees that were interesting. Many of our group are keen gardeners and really enjoyed naming and spotting the plants.

002 005The fabulous orchids exhibition was in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. It contained hundreds of different varieties of orchids some in large containers, arches, vases, hanging from walls and branches and some planted in the ground alone as a single flower. The colours and markings on the flowers were exquisite and made me wonder at the marvels of nature with so many different species of one flower! In the conservatory there was a robin singing and flying around, in the ponds many fish and we also saw a beautiful lizard.

007 006A really fabulous day. We made our way back to the station for the District line.  It was bitterly cold and I for one, can’t remember ever being so cold on our walks.  Someone even remarked on the train that I had a red nose! That tells it all! Nevertheless I throughly enjoyed myself!

I took my camera with me on this day and the photos I have inserted were taken by me and give a little idea of the wonderful aray of the orchids on show.