Tuesday 19th March – eighth meeting of 2013

A very depleted group this week just four of us due to illness and family commitments but we met at Charing Cross as usual. We decided to do what was planned for last week so we got the District line to South Kensington for V & A.

The train was full of school parties, as was South Kensington station. The walk through to tunnel to the museums was also a throng with children so once in the Museum we went to William Morris tea rooms for a well deserved tea! This cafe, in my opinion, is one of the loveliest ones that we have visited. The tiles and carvings are fabulous!

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We asked the directions to the new furniture exhibition and the attendant gave us a little of the history of the courtyard and buildings of the museum before directing us to the lift and 6th floor. The Dr Susan Weber Gallery is a new addition to the museum displaying furniture from 15th century until the present day.  It is divided into section dealing with the techniques of furniture making and the methods used.  It was very interesting and really shows the painstaking ways furniture has been made and how materials and techniques have changed.  Some lovely items on show.

We then walked through the ceramics rooms and was amazed at the amount of items on display.  Floor to ceiling cases jam-packed with every type of ceramics imaginable. Set in sections from countries of the world, China, France, Germany, Turkey to name a few. One of our ladies was so excited by this as she has a great passion and interest in ceramics.  In fact she made enquiries and discovered that the Museum hold a valuation day once a month so she decided she may take some of her own items to see if she could be in possession of a valuable piece!

We then made our way to the exit. In the main entrance a guide approached us to join her tour.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay but she told us of the David Bowie exhibition that had just opened and said that they were hoping that David Bowie would visit them that day!  We waited a short time but sadly no sight of him so we made our way home after a good day.

The V & A is such a marvellous museum that has free admission and for me it is the best.  So many exhibits covering so many subjects. I always enjoy our visits there.