Tuesday 9th April – tenth meeting of 2013

This week we had are usual meet at Charing Cross and took the District Line to South Kensington. The walk through the tunnel connection to the Natural History Museum was really busy. Of course the school children were still on their Easter holidays. We don’t usual meet in the school holidays but managed to make our way quickly to the Museum.

butterflies 2

When we arrived at the Museum we found that the Butterfly Exhibition was a specially erected section outside in the Museum Grounds. We made our way to the entrance but as we got close it was plain to see that the butterflies were in abundance and flying around resting anyway they could. Two of our ladies were not too happy as they didn’t like the idea of the butterflies flying around and landing on them, so they opted not to go in but went to have a coffee while the rest went inside!

butterflies 4butterflies 3butterflies 5butterflies 1

Inside the ‘garden,’ which had been specially planted and had all plants that attract the butterflies, it was a wonderful experience. Some many different sizes of butterflies and moths, amazing colours, intricate markings and breathtaking elegance and speed.  They are from all corners of the world and all seemed to love being in Natural History Museum!  They were flying everywhere and they were signs to warn of them landing on you also to check yourselves when you leave so that none escape!!  In fact one large one settled on one of our ladies back and was really difficult to remove when we left. There was a hatchery window where you could look and see the butterflies emerge from the chrysalis.  Very interesting and a great experience for children.  A very good beautiful exhibition and well worth visiting. 

When we came up we meet with the two ladies who had been for coffee.  We all walked to Victoria and Albert Museum and got our tickets for the David Bowie exhibition in May and also managed a coffee!