Monday 29th April – 13th Meeting of 2013

A change of day to meet this week as we wanted to go to see the newly refurbished Leighton House Museum where East meets West –  and as it doesn’t open on Tuesdays so we decided to go Monday this week.

Our usual meet of Charing Cross and underground to High Street Kensington and a walk to Holland Park Road to Leighton House Museum.  As we belong to The National Trust we got our tickets half price £1.50 concession bargain!

This is a fabulous building built by Frederic, Lord Leighton (1820-1896) in 1865 by architect George Architect.  It was then extended by Lord Leighton when he added many extensions making it a lavishly ornamented studio/house. 

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The house has been closed for sometime while it has undergone a complete refurbishment.  It has been restored to it’s original splendour, as near as is possible to how it would have been in Lord Leighton’s time.  It is an amazing building. The decoration is superb and shows the influence of Lord Leighton’s travel to the Middle East.  The Arab Hall was added in 1877-81.

During his life Lord Leighton entertained many artists and writers at Leighton House and the set became known as ‘Holland Park Circle’.  Queen Victoria is known to have visited the house.

lh 4Parts of the house have been used in the filming of the television programme ‘Mr Selfridge’.  lh 1