Tuesday 14th May – 15th meeting of 2013

Charing Cross our usual meeting place today. Just six of us this week. We were planning to go to The Film Museum in Covent Garden so went to St Martin’s Crypt for our coffee and chat. While in there we bumped into one of our ladies. She and her husband where in London to meet with some friends. We had a chat with them and then left to wroh3roh1alk to The Film Museum.

We walked along to Strand to Wellington Street and the Museum. We went in but were disappointed to find that it was closed to the public today due to a special event. A bit deterred we had to think of a plan B. ‘Let’s try Royal Opera House’ was suggested. So off we walked and by now it was raining, cold and miserable. But things certainly brightened up when we got inside The Opera House. We could tour parts of the building and view an art exhibition showing works of Isabel Rawstorne – Moving Bodies – and it was lovely and warm in there!

The exhibition was of drawings of different dancing poses.  There was also an exhibition of the costumes worn by Nadia Nerina, principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet.  These were very pretty especially the Dying Swan dresses.

roh2rop4We then walked around the bars and The Paul Hamlyn Hall.  This is a beautiful area.  Newly refurbished to a very high standard and design.  We then found the Crush Bar to look at a beautiful painting, the artist of which had a connection to our of our ladies.  A quick visit to the shop ended our visit.

It was still a miserable day when we came out so we quickly made our way to Charing Cross and home.

It was a very enjoyable morning and although our planned visit was not to be, the plan B was a very pleasant surprise!