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Tuesday 18th June – 19th meeting of 2013.

I had been looking forward to today for quite some time. A tradition has developed among us ladies that if you have a birthday ending with a 0 – you are treated to a Birthday Lunch. So this year having reached the ripe old age of 70 it was my turn. Not only do the ladies buy you lunch they also present you with loads of really tacky presents, so here is how the day progressed!

We meet at Charing Cross at the usual time and got District line to Sloane Square. As we came through the ticket office two of the ladies spotted Tom Ward an actor out of Silent Witness. I didn’t see him but apparently he is much shorter than he appears on television. Once over this bit of excitement and on the street we discovered that two of us were missing, so a quick phone call to them, only to discover that they were still on the train! We said we would go to Peter Jones for a coffee and they could catch us up! This did happen and over coffee we heard the whole story!

From here after much deliberation we took the 22 bus along the King’s Road to our destination which was a diner restaurant bar specialising in lobster.

It was very nice inside with music playing and lots of noise so it was an ideal place for us! We order drinks and decided on our meals and then the fun began!
I was presented with the gifts one at a time. After opening them I wore and used them. There were so many, around 25 in all and all really tacky, useless and utter rubbish but great great fun as the pictures show!!!
There were glasses, necklases, bracelets, earrings to name a few. Not sure were the ladies collected it all from but well done to them, as they were some very strange objects in the bag!!

I certainly enjoyed putting them all on and we all had a really good laugh. Laughter was the order of the day and we certainly made a lot of noise!!
I even had a cake and candles brought out to me and they all sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Brilliant.

From here we all made our way home taking buses to our most convenient stations. I went back to Charing Cross and the train home with a birthday bag of utter tacky presents but I had enjoyed a fabulous lunch. Thank you very much my walking freedom friends!!