Tuesday 4th June – 17th meeting of 2013

We did not meet on Tuesday 28th May as it was schools half term and apart from grandchildren commitments we prefer to miss school holidays as everywhere is so busy!

Unfortunately I could meet this week as I had a date with Rod Stewart, a present for my forthcoming 70th birthday from my cousin, but I have had some interesting reports from the ladies so will write a short blog!

Meeting as usual at Charing Cross and then a journey to The British Library which I understand meant getting on the wrong train, going the wrong way, almost leaving two ladies on the train and a trip up and down a couple of escalators! That in itself must have been a fabulous adventure!

progan 1progan 5

Once at The British Library a call into the cafe for a welcome coffee was the first thing on the agenda! Whilst chatting a small A.G.M. took place and our visits until July were worked out. Of course this is always open for change but to have a plan is certainly a good thing!

Then into the exhibition which was £9 adult price but £5 concessions so that seemed reasonable.
I understand the exhibition was a collection of posters, leaflets, brochures, advertisements and newspaper stories that have been used since 1800’s by all countries worldwide.

I think there were mixed feeling about the whole exhibition but quite an adventurous morning was enjoyed by all!!