Tuesday 11th June – 18th meeting of 2013

3 mills 1

This week our aim was to complete the Three Mills Canal Walk. This is the area that was development at Stratford for the London Olympics 2013 and last year we had completed the first half of the walk. We meet at London Bridge took Jubilee Line to Bromley-by-Bow and then District line to West Ham.

We walked along the busy road passed Tesco to the Three Mills building where we were hoping for a coffee to start our journey but for some unknown reason (notices said cafe should be open) it was clearly closed. Back to Tesco but only a coffee machine there so we decided to start the walk and hopefully find something along the way.

3 mills 2

The walk took us along the canals but it was a very desolate area. We passed some cyclists and joggers but not a lot going on there. There were some workman drilling and digging and this apparently investigation work for the prosposed Cross Rail Link. Not much life on the water, a few ducks and we did see a cormorant bird and some pretty wild flowers and grasses along the path. The map that we had was hard to understand and after quite a lot of walking we stopped a cyclist for some advise. He said we were on the right path for the Olympic site but quite a way to go. He suggested some alteratives for a coffee but it all seemed a long way away so we decided to go back to West Ham and the train. We had thought it would be a two mile walk and we had covered around one and half miles but no sign of the end. On the way back we passed two beautifully painted barges on their way to London.

We took District line to Embankment and on the walk up to Charing Cross went into Starbacks for a well earned coffee and sandwich. By now it was 1.30 and packed with lunchtime workers. We then got our trains home and decided although we had not completed the walk we will tick it off of the list of ‘things to do’. We had covered about 90% and that was fine!!