Tuesday 25th June – 20th meeting of 2013

We meet at Cannon Street today to go to The Goldsmith’s Hall to view an exhibition entitled ‘Ultra Vanities – Bejewelled Make-Up Boxes. Just five of us today and we walked through the city in really lovely warm sunny weather.

As we passed the church of St Stephen Walbrook we noticed it was open and went inside for a look. It is a beautiful church inside with a dome likened to St Paul’s although not as high or wide but the cravings and decoration are superb. It is an old church but has a modern warm friendly feel with a central altar and pews set around it.
goldsmiths 2
From here we went popped into Starbuck’s for a coffee and then headed off to Goldsmiths’ Hall. As you enter this building you are confronted with a beautiful staircase and there so many chandeliers throughout I just couldn’t count them!

The exhibition was of the most amazing compacts, lipstick cases and cigarette boxes. Bejewelled was an understatement as every piece was decorated with jewels, enamel, cravings and the functions and uses were a master of engineering!
goldsmiths 7
Set in cases which covered the ground floor and two rooms on first floor in there were about 250-300 pieces. They were all so beautiful it was very difficult to pick a special favourite piece. The collection is on loan from a Hong Kong Chinese gentleman and represents his lifetime passion for collecting such fantastic pieces of jewellery.

We left and made our way back to Cannon Street and our way home after, in my mind, a fabulous morning and I felt very lucky that I had seen such a beautiful collection!