Tuesday 2nd July – 21st meeting of 2013

We met at Charing Cross this week and the plan was to go to Regent’s Park to look at the roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens.  As our trusted guide book had a walk for the park in it, we decided to incorporate the two together and took the Northern line to Chalk Farm.

A short walk along Regent’s Park Road passing the local shops and cafes lead us into Primrose Hill.  Then a steep climb up the hill to the top and a much appreciated sit on the benches revealed the most glorious view of London.  Although a bit cloudy the sky line looked superb.  The Chard, St Paul’s, London Eye, Canary Wharf and dominating the scene The GPO Tower.  A first visit for all of us and I for one was really pleased we had made the climb as the view was stunning.

regent roses 8

After a short stop we carried on walking out of Primrose Hill, onto Prince Albert Road and the entrance to Regent’s Park. The path, Broad Walk, went passed The London Zoo and at one point we looked into the penguins area. We stood and watched them for a while, climbing waddling along and jumping into the pond. We were very pleased as they are such amusing creatures and always raise a smile!! We followed the Broad Walk which took us through the centre of the park which looked glorious in the sunshine. We passed the playing fields and so much grassland with people and children enjoying themselves. On this way we noticed a cafe and so decided to make a stop and have a drink. We enjoyed a rest and a coffee and bacon butty! A really welcome stop.

From here we decided to go straight to the rose gardens but somehow we missed them so had to back track to Queen Mary’s Garden. The walk back was well worth it as the roses were beautiful. The entrance to the garden had an elephant sculpture made of green plants and grasses which was gorgeous!

regent roses 4

The roses looked wonderful. Arranged in the masses of colours they certainly are a sight to behold! I found it difficult to choose a favourite but I do love the red ones.

regent roses 1

We had not completed the whole walk but felt we had covered enough ground and had walked about 2 miles so we walked back to York Gate and our way home. It started to rain on the way to the underground so our timing was very good.

regent roses 6
regent roses 7
On my way I couldn’t help but notice how busy everywhere was and a certain sign that the tourist season is well and truly here. Lots of visitors armed with a bottle of water and a trusty map! Good to see people enjoying and appreciating our lovely London Town!!