Tuesday 16th July – 23rd meeting of 2013

Only one lady not with us this week when we met at Waterloo in amazingly hot weather. It seems that our summer has certainly arrived with a heatwave! Our plan was to do a walk, from the London Walks book, around Windsor but with such hot weather we decided to go to Windsor have a short walk and lunch! A much more civilised idea I thought!

eton 1

eton 2

The journey took about an hour. At Windsor and Eton Bridge station we did a bit of celebs spotting as we saw Paul Lewis, the presenter of Money Box! Quite a good start to our day. We walked over the bridge and into Eton High Street. A fabulous street. Very old buildings with lots of curio shops, pubs and small shops. It was really hot by now so we decided to walk down High Street as far as Eton College Chapel and then turn around. We discovered you can do a tour of the chapel so collected some leaflets that we could use at a later day. One of our ladies seemed to be tripping up a few times but didn’t fall completely over, so all fine! Could have been something to do with the sun! In the middle of the High Street was a really lovely little courtyard with small houses with lovely displays of flower baskets and plants. Really quaint old England! Here we did another bit of celeb spotting seeing Nick Knowles who presents the quiz show Perfection (Usual Suspects) and a DIY programme. Not bad two celebs in an hour!
eton 4

eton 3

On the way back we looked for a place to eat and settled on a pub at the end of the High Street. Too hot to sit in the garden so settled for a table inside in a corner which felt fairly cool! A very nice meal with a rest and of course sort out of the last few weeks before our summer break.

We crossed the bridge to the station and went a little way along the riverside path watching the swans, ducks, birds and boats. A fabulous part the country, so old worldy, charming and enchanting! With the lovely sunny weather it certainly was a smashing day.

We got the train back to Waterloo and had a little incident. The ticket inspector came in our carriage and when we showed our Freedom Passes she informed us that it did not cover our journey as far as Windsor and Eton Bridge. It only covered us to Feltham and we needed to pay £4.90 to cover that part of the journey. Of course we paid and didn’t question this as we had not really thought about it. I guess we use our passes for so many journeys we just didn’t think. But no problems we will remember this next time we travel a long way!

From Waterloo we made out ways home. My journey was uneventful but when the ladies arrived at Orpington they discovered that a lorry had gone into the railway bridge and it had caused traffic chaos! The end to a perfect day!!