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Tuesday 30th July – 25th meeting of 2013

This was the last meeting before the break for the summer holidays and unfortunately I couldn’t go because I myself had already started my holidays and was in Torquay enjoying some nice weather. I have had an update from the rest of the ladies and will give a bird’s eye account of the event!

cruises 2

The meeting place was Waterloo station and then a short walk to London Eye boarding point for a City Cruise on the Thames. Weather not very good windy and damp I am told but nevertheless the boat for Greenwich was boarded. A pleasant journey passing all the lovely sights of London going down river to the 02. Leaving the boat the plan was to go on the cable car across the river to the Excel Centre and Victoria Dock but as the weather was murky and windy it was decided not to do this. So a coffee and a walk around the 02 was enjoyed and then a boat cruise back to London Eye. From here Waterloo and trains home with farewells and wishes for a good holiday.

As we all seem to be very busy during the school summer break 3rd September was planned to be the next meeting when we will have lots of stories and catching-up to do!!