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Tuesday 3rd September – 26th meeting of 2013

Today was to be the first meeting after the summer break but due to lack of numbers it was cancelled. I received a text message as did all but one of our ladies. So in true British style she arrived at Charing Cross and waited and waited but alas no one arrived. Luckily she had travelled up with her daughter and grandchildren who had a day in London planned. She texted one of the group asking ‘what is going on?’. When the lady received the text she quickly got a train to join her for a coffee but when she got to Charing Cross there was no one there! Our One and Only had decided to join her daughter and went off to the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and The Shard. She had a wonderful day although it was not what she had planned. A real comedy of errors morning!

None of us are sure what happened but defiantly a lack in communication had occurred so we must have a plan to avoid this happening again. Must add that it is the first time in all our four years of walking that it has happened so Brownies points for The One and Only!!