Tuesday 8th October 2013 – 30th meeting of 2013

We met up at Charing Cross and went by underground to Kensington High Street where we found the building and confirmed we could view the gardens. Unfortunately we couldn’t go in until 12 o’clock and only parts of the roof gardens could be viewed as they were erecting a marquee in the main one and it was closed off until October 22nd. We went to find a coffee shop and ended up in a lovely French style bistro Aubaine – where we enjoyed some lovely cakes and coffee!

ken roof 1We returned to The Roof Gardens at 99, Kensington High Street which was once a department store and were directed to the 7th floor restaurant and then shown to the gardens. When we came out onto the roof we turned right and found ourselves in a smallish garden with shrubbery and wallclimbing plants around a post. It was very nice and we tried to stretch our necks round to see the main garden. We then returned to the entrance and turned left and found ourselves in the large and beautiful Spanish Garden. There were shrubs, trees and lots of colourful plants including dahlias but obviously we had missed a lot of the summer flowers. There was also a large covered area with seating and also various large ornaments and seats within the garden. We tried again to see a bit of the main garden but will obviously have to return at a different time of year to enjoy the full beauty of the Roof Gardens.

ken roof 2

ken roof 3

We then returned to the underground and some of the group were surprised to find themselves on a slight detour ending up at Parsons Green as they had inadvertently caught the wrong train, in fact going in the wrong direction! This was soon rectified and they returned home safe and sound! Quite an adventurous day!