Tuesday 1st October – 29th meeting of 2013

We did not meet on Tuesday 24th September as most of us were busy and not available so we decided to skip that week.

We met up on 24th at Charing Cross and went across to the Crypt for coffee and planning meeting. We still weren’t a full group and as we hadn’t met the week before, there was plenty to catch up on. We also planned the next few weeks meetings and had lots of ideas of what to do.

We caught the train to Waterloo and walked towards the river to the Oxo Tower Wharf.

oxo 3

The Oxo Tower was originally built on the site of an old power station in the 1920’s and was a cold store and meat processing plant. The owners who made Oxo cubes, among other things, had planned to have electric light signs of OXO on the top of the building but failed to get permission. They cleverly replaced the lights with three window in the shape of OXO on each side of the Tower. By the early 70’s it was redundant and after years of disputes was refurnished and now consists of shops, two floors of design studies, five floors of affordable housing and a top floor restaurant.

oxo 2oxo 4

We went up to the top floor and enjoyed the view across the river – luckily the weather was kind and the view across the river and London was superb. We also looked at the menus in the restaurant and decided that perhaps we could have lunch there one day. We then went downstairs and looked at the studies although unfortunately the main gallery was setting up a new exhibition and we couldn’t go in. We also had a walk around the shops which varied from jewellery, clothing and quirky crafts and objects.

After a while we left and walked back to Waterloo and went home.