Tuesday 22nd October – 32 meeting of 2013

Seven of us met this week at our usual point Charing Cross. We went straight to Crypt Cafe for a drink and chat.

mini 5

Weather not good today so we went start to the Pall Mall Galleries in The Mall to see the Miniatures Exhibition organised by Royal Miniatures Society. This is an annual event and this is the third year that we have visited it.

mini 1

The exhibits are amazing. So small but with such incredible detail it is hard to think that they are painted stroke by stroke. They was an artist in the first room painting a beautiful landscape just about 4in by 3in. We spoke to her, she explained her techniques and it was interesting listening to her story.

mini 2

mini 6There are three adjoining rooms full of miniatures. All subjects covered, portraits, landscapes, still life and some modern abstract subjects. There are also sculptures and metal work.

mini 4

A very interesting exhibition which I thoroughly enjoyed and will look forward to returning next year.