Tuesday November 19 – 36 meeting of 2013

Today we really didn’t have anything in particular planned although last week we did say we would finish the Islington walk.  We met at London Bridge and as it was thought the part of the walk left to do was very short the plan was changed! No surprise there!!

islington 2

islington 1We decide to go to Islington and walk around the area viewing the antique and quirky little craft shop. We took the Northern line to The Angel and went to the The Angel Wetherspoons pub where we went before for tea and toast. This is really tasty and cheap so a good start!

We walked along Islington High Street and into Camden Passage which is lined with antique vintage and craft shops.  Very interesting looking at the goods on display and lots of the vintage stock brought back many memories to us. It did notice that a jewellery shop that on our last visit had its window smashed now look lovely with a new window.  The jewels were superb! After quite a long walk along the High Street and Upper Street we crossed over and found that there were many restaurants from all countries of the world Mexican, Italian, Greek, Turkish, French, Chinese, a very cosmopolitan area. The large Business Centre was closed to the public.

islington 3

islington 4Although dry it was very cold and we needed to keep on the move to stay warm!

We made our way back to Islington Underground station and got our trains home.  A very enjoyable day in an area of London that is full of surprises!  We decided that we will probably repeat the whole of the walk in the Spring.  Some of the ladies were not with us when we did it before, so it would be good for us all to complete the whole walk.