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Tuesday 14th January – Second meeting of 2014

London Museum was our destination today for our first ‘proper’ meeting of 2014 so we met at Cannon Street and took the walk through the city past St Paul’s to view the Cheapside Hoard. Just one lady missing today due to sickness.

hoard 8

Once in the Museum we purchased our timed tickets of £7.00 each and then went to the cafe for a coffee and chat. Before going into the exhibition we had to put our coats and bags in lockers costing £1.00. We were given a clear plastic bag for anything we wished to take in the exhibit which included our purses and glasses!

The Cheapside Hoard is a large collection of jewels dating from 300 years ago, which was discovered in 1912 in the cellar of a shop in Cheapside.  Who the hoard belonged to and why it was buried is not known.  It is the greatest example of Elizabethan jewels that has ever been seen.

hoard 3

The exhibition was well laid out and provided magnifying glasses giving the opportunity of viewing the exhibits in great detail.  As well as the hoard on display there were also some tools of the day and beautiful paintings showing Elizabethans displaying all kinds of jewellery. One quote said that they showered themselves in jewels so that it would distract people from looking at their not so beautiful faces!! Maybe some truth in that!

The exhibits were fabulous and quite breathtaking. The work involved was hoard 1amazing. How they could produce such intricate pieces so many years ago really was astounding. My favourite was a small scent bottle although I found it difficult to pick just one.

Although busy it was comfortable to walk around to see all the exhibition. There was a short film at the end giving some ideas to why the hoard was buried.

hoard 4From here we had a look around the shop which had postcards and sovereigns of the exhibition and many London gifts etc. Our lady who was missing today would have loved it!!

When we came out of the Museum the sun was shining and it was a very nice day. Lots of office workers were around on their lunch breaks. We went along to Cannon Street and our trains home after a very enjoyable morning.

hoard 7

hoard 5