Tuesday 1st April – 12th meeting of 2014

As today was our last meeting before our Easter Break we decided to have a change and meet locally for breakfast and sort out our plans for the coming weeks.

greyhoud 2

We all met at our usual time in The Greyhound Pub in Bromley and as most of us could catch a bus there it was an ideal place. We all ordered breakfast and although there were quite some variations to the ‘All Day Breakfast’ it all seemed to be served hot and at the same time! Must add that the staff here were great and managed to get everything right although confusion reigned at times!!

There was lots of chatting while we eat and drink and we then ordered another drink and got down to business! We always seem to have lots of ideas as to where to go and what to do. Each of us have our personnel trips and as the weather is getting better we will add some walks into our weeks. We already have tours of Sotherby’s, and Charterhouse School booked. We plan to do a couple of trips to V & A, Bank of England, Keats House and Regent’s Park so a full and varied programme was planned.

greyhound 3

We will not meet for the next few weeks as it is the school holidays and many of us do our ‘Nanny’ duties while our Grandchildren are off school. But this was a very pleasant and successful morning. Diaries are now full for the weeks ahead but be sure that things will change possibly week by week!