Tuesday 10th June – 20th meeting of 2014

We all met at Charing Cross and took the District Line to Kensington High St but a little confusion over what train to get but we eventually got the right one! We had a coffee in M & S before we walked to the Palace. It was a lovely sunny day and the Gardens looked beautiful. kensing 1

We have visited Kensington Palace in the past but today we had come to see the exhibition Fashion Rules – showing outfits of The Queen, Princes Margaret and Princess Diana covering 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We purchased our tickets £12.40 which allows you to visit all exhibitions on in the Palace. The main exhibition is ‘The Glorious Georges at Kensington Palace’ which celebrates 300 year anniversary of the Georgian Court at Kensington Palace. King George 11 and Queen Caroline were in court and were walking around the rooms of the Palace followed by servants and maids! Very entertaining! We were given a smell map which we scratched in each room and got a different smell of the room. We were also given an interesting talk on the history of the Georgians by a young guide. He made it very interesting and was very amusing.kensing 3

After a walk through the lovely staterooms we came to ‘Fashion Rules’ kensing 6exhibition. This was set in five rooms starting with the Queens outfits in the 50’s. They were beautiful and showed what a small waist she had! The 60’s to 70’s were shown by Princes Margaret’s dresses. Very different from the Queens with a more trendy look about them. The 80’s were shown by Princess Diana’s dress. Very beautiful flowing ball gowns. I really enjoyed this exhibition and found it hard to choose one favourite dress. I found the Queen’s outfits of the 50’s lovely with so much embroidery and decoration although Princess Diana’s flowing creations were beautiful.

kensing 5

After this we decided to make our way home as we had already seen the Victoria Revealedkensing 7 and the Diana exhibitions and by now we were all feeling a little tired! The Palace was very busy with many tourists enjoying our Royal Palace!

We walked through the gardens to our trains and made our way home after a very pleasant morning.