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Tuesday 17th June – 21st meeting of 2014

I’ll start my blog this week with a special note, this is my 100th blog for Freedom Ladies. I started writing the blogs as a way of remembering where we walk and what we do and I must say I enjoy doing it and hopefully others like reading it, find it entertaining and maybe get some ideas to visit London!

Only five of us met today due to holidays and illness and as it was very sunny and hot we decided to change our original plan (now there’s a surprise!). We had planned to go to Battersea Park but decided to walk around St James’ Park instead.st james 1

St Martin’s was the coffee, chat  stop and then over Trafalgar Square which was packed with people many tourists and students enjoying the sunshine. We went to The Mall and the park. The flowers andst james 2 plants were spectacular. Many different flowers and plants all packed so tightly together making a splendid show of colour. As we walked to Buckingham Palace we could hear the band and tried to catch up with it but unfortunately we were too slow! We carried on walking around the lake looking at all the ducks, swans, pelicans, birds and squirrels that live here. Quite amazing that in the heart of London Town there is so much wildlife! We made are way across Horse Guards Parade. This was full of tourists watching the Guards Parading especially the Horse Guards. The horses here on duty are beautiful and so calm in a busy noisy situation.

st james 5

We went up Whitehall to Charing Cross for our trains home after spending a lovely summer day in the heart of London!st james 4