Tuesday 24th June – 22nd meeting of 2014

We took the tube to Baker Street station after our coffee break we made out way along Marylebone Road passed very long queues outside of Madame Tussauds turning left into Regents Park.

rp 3

The surrounding terraces of the Park itself were part of a huge development by the architect John Nash who was sponsored by the Prince Regent – later George IV, who owned most of the land. The Park and Terraces were all named after members of the Royal Family in the reign of George IV and are still Crown Property.

rp 4

Nash’s scheme was a park dotted with large detached villas surrounded by large terraces of houses but not all the villas were built as part of the land was assigned to the newly founded Zoological Society for its Zoological Gardens which were opened to the public in 1828 and still in the park as London Zoo.

We walked through the park to the perfectly round Inner Circle and into Queen Mary’s Gardens in the middle laid to lawns and beds and incorporating a large Rose Garden.  This is laid out in large beds of roses each bed a different variety – supposed to be up to 400 kinds, but we didn’t count them!  Most of the roses were in full bloom and were very colourful and some highly scented.  Surrounding the outside of the beds are displays of climbing roses on pergolas and joined between by looped ropes along which the roses scrambled.  After having a good admiring look and smelling sessions we walked back through the gardens past the Open Air Theatre and Cafe enjoying the bed of beautiful tall blue delphiniums and the large red bottle brush bush outside the cafe.  We walked along the large boating lake fed by the River Tyburn – watching the ducks swans and herons there.

rp 6

Crossing the bridge we walked through to the Outer Circle and admired the terraces of the West side of the park with their many different decorative features and continued down to Baker Street station to make our way home.