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Tuesday 16th September – 27th meeting of 2014

We didn’t meet on 9th September as everyone was either on holiday or had other commitments. I myself was on holiday on 16th September but I was given a full update on the day.

poppies 3The meeting place was London Bridge and a walk to Boris’ tea rooms, City Hall cafeteria. To get through the security proved to be rather difficult with all bells ringing and our ladies removing jewellery and belts but eventually let in and down to the cafe. The cafe at City Hall is open to the public to use. The cafe is very good so a sit down, coffee and chat was enjoyed by all.

The weather was nice so it was a pleasant walk across Tower Bridge to the Tower of London to view the poppies. Each poppy laid represents a life lost in the First World War and is marking 100 years since the beginning of the war. The poppies are ceramic and are for sale for £25. Each day more are added until by 11th November, Remembrance Day all 888,246 will be laid. A stark visual reminder of how many lives were lost.poppies 1

poppises 2This is a dramatic and emotion art installation. The poppies cover the moat and some are cascading out from windows. We walked around the Tower to view it from all angles and it was a very moving sight.