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Tuesday 7th October – 30th meeting of 2014

The plan today was to visit the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof garden so off I went to our usual meeting place Charing Cross. Once there I received a phone call telling me the rest of the ladies were at Waterloo! Just a blip in communication so I walked across Hungerford Footbridge to meet them at Royal Festival Hall. The weather was lovely sunny bright and warm making the walk very pleasant. I think this is one of the nicest ways to see the Thames with the skyline of London so easy to see.

rfh 7

Once we were together we went into Royal Festival Hall for coffee and chat. The whole area was packed with people. It was graduation day for South Bank University so lots of excited students donning cape and gown and proud family members and friends there to see the great occasion.rfh 1

From here we went next door to the Queen Elizabeth Hall and climbed the brightly painted yellow staircase through the gate to the garden only to find that it was closed to public. There were about six or seven gardeners digging and clearing away plants and they explained that it was now closed and were vague as to when it would be opened. We had a quick look but it did look tired and in need of new planting. I think we will put this on the list of places to go in the Summer as it was a nice area with a cafe and seating and I imagine a very pleasant area with lovely views over the Thames.

rfh 3

Not to be denied a good morning we decided to walk to Covent Garden to see the new art installation that was on show. A walk back over the bridge and along to the Strand and into Covent Garden. This part of London is always buzzing and today was no exception. The art installation is an illusion and amazing. It looks as if the building is suspended in mid-air and has been sliced through. We had a good look and walked through it. Lots of people taking photos and enjoying this spectacular sight.

rfh 2

So although a ‘funny old morning’ it turned out interesting and good. We went our separate ways from here as a few wanted to take advantage of some shopping time!