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Tuesday 21st October – 32nd meeting of 2014

Eight of us met up at Charing Cross this week and made straight for St Martin’s Crypt for coffee and chat. We had a small AGM to arrange the venues for the weeks up until Christmas. We now hopefully have plans for the rest of the year but of course always open to being changed!

min 1

From here we went across Trafalgar Square to the Mall. We passed a small decorated double-decker bus. There are many of these dotted all over London. A Street Art event.min 3

The Mall was closed to traffic and there were lots of police on duty. As we walked through Admiralty Arch the flags were flying down the Mall the guards band was playing and guards on duty on both sides of the road. We asked what was going on and were told the Queen and Prince Philip were due to come from the Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade to meet President of Singapore. The sun was shining and with the flags, guards and police lining the road it certainly was London at its best. We waited for a while and then the procession came along from the Palace. We saw The Queen and Prince Philip (waving at us!) in the first car and had a very good view!

min 4

From here straight into The Mall Galleries. We went to the Miniatures Exhibition which is held annually and is free. We have been about three times now but it is always lovely to see these little works of art. We were given some magnifying glasses by the staff and this really made us appreciate the exhibits more. There was a lady working on a miniature and without a magnifying glass just a bright light really amazed me.min 5

The miniatures are of all subjects and beautiful. Many portraits but I personally like the still life. There are landscapes, patterns and also sculptures and cravings.

When we came out of the galleries all guards had disbanded but still some police on duty, all the excitement was over and the clearing up in progress.

min 6

A very good morning with the added surprise of seeing The Queen and Prince Philip.