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Tuesday 4th November – 34th meeting of 2014

Our meeting place this week was London Cannon Street station and all nine of us were there. The short walk through the City took us to Museum of London to see the exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, although somehow we got separated on the walk but all meet up again at the entrance of the Museum.

sh 1

We purchased a timed ticket cost £9 concessions for 11.30 giving us time for a coffee before entrance. A nice modern cafe with a good choice of food and drink. From here we went to the Ladies room and managed to get split up again but met up at entrance to exhibit.

sh 2

The entrance was concealed as the entry door was a false bookcase. Very Sherlock! The exhibition showed lots of clips from Sherlock films over many years going back to black and white silent films to the very recent television series. There were old newsreel films of old London Town how it was in Sherlock times with horse and carts on the streets. Many lovely old photos maps and prints of London at the time when Arthur Conan Doyle was writing the detective stories in the late 1800’s. There were clothes associated with Sherlock as well as pipes, tobacco products and memorabilia of the times. Hand written manuscripts and printed books were on display.

sh 3

There was a group of primary school children and one of the male teachers was wearing a Derestalker hat – very Sherlock!!

This was a good exhibition but I found it strange as it was based on the fictional character but it did give a very good and informative guide to London in that time.

Today was the birthday of one of our ladies so we decided to have lunch. We walked to One New Change a fairly new shopping precinct opposite St Paul’s Cathedral and for the third time managed to get split up but regrouped at the entrance. We have visited here before and have used the Cafe Concerto restaurant but unfortunately when we arrived we found it had closed and was now a Vietnamese restaurant! We walkedsh 4 around to find somewhere to eat and after about six tries found a very nice pub The Williamson Tavern which could accommodate us. This was a lovely find, very old in fact said to hold the oldest excise license in The City. The food was excellent, nice atmosphere, good service and friendly staff. We had a fun time and all enjoyed a good day!