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Tuesday 18th November – 36th meeting of 2014.

Today we kept the military theme going with a visit to The Imperial War Museum, London to view the special exhibit of World War 1.

We met at Charing Cross and took the Bakerloo underground line to Lambeth North. Eight of us ladies this week and we were joined by three husbands. It was very nice to have some male company!

iwm 1

This Museum is set in a large park area and with the massive gun directly in front of the main building is looks very impressive. As we went up the steps to enter we spotted Douglas Hurd an MP in the Margaret Thatcher years so another name to add to our celeb spotting! Entry into the Museum is free as is the special exhibition of First World War. It was very busy with lots of school parties and visitors particularly of the senior age! Once inside we went straight to the cafe for some refreshment.

The exhibition is devoted to all aspects of the First World War. It showed the Political scene and how Europe was formed in 1914, the reasons for the start of the war, iwm 7Military attacks and defence systems, life in Britain and how it was for the soldiers in the trenches and concluded with reasons the war ended. There are fourteen sections that follow through the complete exhibition. It was very busy and at some sections there were hold-ups. Lots of film footage from the War Zones, photographs and stories that have been given to the Museum by the serving soldiers and their families.

iwm 8There was a lot to see and some very interesting information available along with uniforms, gas masks, guns, rifles etc that were used throughout the war. It was well displayed and for me really brought home how many were lost and how hard and horrific it was for the troops. I also felt that were was too much to see and take in on in one visit.

We all went through the exhibition at our own pace so the first few out decided on another drink which was a good idea! We split up and made our own way home after a good morning.