Tuesday 25th November – 37th meeting of 2014

Today we had a great day celebrating the 70th birthday of one of our ladies. A meeting at London Bridge with all nine of us and then a walk down to the Thames and Boris’ City Hall for a coffee. brown  city hall

It proved quite a task to get through the security to get in as the x-ray machine bleeped many times and one of us having to ‘almost strip’ only to find that there us no reason for the bleep and we were all let through! It was very busy in the cafe but with a little moving of furniture we got a table with us all together. Lots of chatting as we had all been to our ladies 70th big birthday party bash on Saturday so lots to talk about!

A walk along the riverside to Brown’s restaurant at Butler’s Wharf. This part of London is beautiful with Tower Bridge and Tower of London fronting the river and the lovely development since the closing of the docks and wharves makes this a fabulous area. browns At Brown’s we had a lovely meal and some wine to toast and celebrate the birthday.

It is a tradition that we all give silly, funny gifts at special birthdays and this time was no exception. The lady in particular is a lover of her garden so most of the items were garden related. There was a frog that croaked every time something went near it (I guess that will end up at the back of her garden) many garden gnomes (which we were told would be all around the front door) hats, glasses and many more stupid but real fun items. She was very pleased and quite overwhelmed at all the gifts!

After all the excitement, a great meal and celebration, we made our way back to London Bridge and our trains home. The birthday girl had many bags full of the ‘special gifts’ and had help to carry it all!