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Tuesday 20th January – Second Meeting of 2015

Seven of us met at Charing Cross this week. We were very pleased to see each other after cancelling last week because of the bus strike. We were dithering about where to go. To do last week’s Fleming Collection or this week’s Charles Dickens Museum so when someone suggested a coffee at St Martin’s Crypt it got a resounding yes!

A wet and cold day today so a warming drink and catch-up chat was a welcome move. As we left we still hadn’t decided where to go but Dickens Museum got first vote but by the time we got the Charing Cross underground it had changed to Fleming Collection. We got the Northern Line to Piccadilly Circus and we were in different carriages, we all got off and made our way to change trains but on the escalators myself and two other ladies got held up by a group of people pushing onto the escalator. By the times we got to the top the other four ladies were no were to be seen! Tried to phone but no signal as we were underground so we went to the Piccadilly line and looked on both platforms but they were not there! Unfortunately we didn’t know the stop we needed to go and also if we were still going to the Fleming Collection! so we decided to go up to entrance/exit and do something, what we were not quite sure at that time and where we should be able to get a signal to phone! We did this and we were asking at the information desk when my phone rang! It was the rest of the group who were at Green Park station, wondering where we were. We quickly did an about turn back down to Piccadilly Line, got train and met up at Green Park with the rest. We made our way the Berkeley Street and of course spent the time trying to work out exactly what went wrong! There was no answer to this question but it was all fine as not much time was lost and thanks to the trusty ‘mobile’ we were back together!!

fleming 3

The Fleming Collection is a gallery showing paintings by Scottish artistes that were collected by the Scottish Bank Fleming and are on display free for the public to enjoy. The ground and lower floors display all landscape paintings and some really nice and modern. Many watercolours, Impressionists and abstracts. A very interesting exhibition.

We went up the second floor gallery which displayed a most fabulous breathing tapestry, Large Tree Group. It was made in 2012 in Scotland to mark the centenary of Dovecot Studios by Master Weavers David Cochrane and Naomi Robertson and took some 12 months to complete. It is made of all pure undyed wool from 37 different types of sheep. The colours are remarkable and all wool was hand spun and the tapestry hand-made. From a distant this tapestry had real depth and was a wonderful sight to see.


fleming 2






After a good long look at the tapestry, we made out way back to the underground and really stuck together so as not to get split up again! It was suggested that we need a large length of string that we could hang onto to keep us all together. Needless to say that was given a firm no – no! It had been a very good and eventful morning!