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Tuesday 10th February – 5th meeting of 2015

A meeting at Charing Cross today and all our ladies present! Fabulous. Sometime since we had all been together. Straight down to the Embankment and District line to Kew. Although a long journey of 15 stops with all the chatting we were soon at Kew. From here a 10 minutes walk to Kew Gardens. This is a very nice part of London and the atmosphere around the station with shops and eating houses is very pleasant. The weather was nice not too cold and a blue sky.

K 1

At Kew gardens we purchased our Senior tickets of £14.50 and chuckled when one of our ladies was asked what type of ticket she wanted Adult or Senior! Needless to say she was very flattered and made a point of letting us all know!!

We had our customary coffee and chat in the cafe and while sitting there was approached by a guide who said at 12 clock she would lead a tour of the snowdrops and orchids. When finished we went to the meeting point only to be told that she couldn’t take nine as it would make the group to large. Undeterred we made our way to the Princess of Wales Conservatory to see the marvellous display of orchids. We have been here in years past but it is such a stunning exhibition of colour we don’t mind returning each year.

K 3

The colours and shapes of the orchids are amazing. Every colour of the rainbow and some to me really don’t even look like orchids!! The main area of the pond was covered with a most beautiful display of orchids. Five boats filled with so much beautiful colour and orchids cascading down from poles was a wonderful sight to see. Throughout the conservatory there were bees, butterflies, bats and birds made from cones, moss, twigs and all made of natural materials. They looked amazing and really caught our eyes. The work that goes into this exhibition is astonishing and to keep it looking so beautiful must take hours and hours of work.

K 2

There were also lots of bromeliads, small pineapples, added to the orchids arrangements. In the conservatory are many cactus and tropical plants making it a superb building.

There was some filming going on in one section. A gardener explaining about the different orchids but unfortunately we were not screened!

We decided to hunt the snowdrops after the orchids and went to the large rockery section where there were snowdrops scattered in the rocks but not amass as we had hoped. So two ladies consulted the maps and with the help from a gardener we finally saw a mounded grass tree area were there were lots and lots so we were very happy!K 4

A visit to the shop and a few purchases and then we made our way home. We were quite lucky and didn’t wait too long for our trains so made our way home after a very pleasant day.