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Tuesday 20th March – 9th meeting of 2015

Our normal meeting at Charing Cross today although we were all a little late as the trains were all delayed due to all the work going on at London Bridge station which is causing much disruption to passengers. We then went straight to Embankment and the District line underground to South Kensington. A walk through the tunnel and Victoria and Albert Museum. This is an easy journey to all the Museums in Exhibition Road and also The Albert Hall.

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We went to the William Morris tea room. This is by far our favourite place for coffee and by far the most opulent surroundings. There seemed to be lots to talk about today future meetings and this and that! So we did spend some time chatting!blue 2



We had planned to go the jewellery section but as we have been there before and the two ladies who love jewellery were not with us, we decided to go to Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics a special small display of British ceramics in gallery 146.

Gallery 146 turnout out to be a bit of a mystery to find. We were directed by one of the attendants. We went through the Japanese section, where we looked at some beautiful kimonos and beautiful embroidery, the Medieval section then into a glass lift that took us from level 1 to level 6 and finally the Ceramics! We walked through the galleries showing all manner of ceramics old and modern and finally Gallery 146. The exhibits ranged from 1750 to modern day. One case was devoted to the Willow Pattern. This I think is the best of blue and white pottery. There were the traditional tea pots, plates, cups and saucers and different variations made over the years to a very modern design where the pattern was split into small pieces rather like a jigsaw.


The objects show British society and the changes in life over this time. There was a set of dinner plates produced in 2010 that were displayed on a shelf which looked as if it had mesh over it but on closer inspection all the white plates had fine lines of blue on them giving the appearance of mesh. An optical illusion! There were commemorative pieces, decorative items, vases, tiles and tea pots in all shades of blue and of British manufacture. Although a small exhibition it was very interesting and pleasing.

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We made our way back to the exit and viewed many different exhibits of art on the way. I think that V & A is my favourite museum. They have such an excellent and varied array of exhibits in their collections that it would take many many visits to view it all!

Back through the tunnel to catch our trains home where there was a very large party of small schoolchildren also going to the train. The guitar busker performing in the tunnel played and sang ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ to them and they in turn joined in making our walk a very happy jolly one!

We got our trains home after a nice morning made even better by the lovely sunny weather. A taste of Spring!