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Tuesday 19th May – 17th meeting of 2015

An organised walk for us today along the Victoria embankment. The walk was organised by Environment Bromley (Enbro) which is a voluntary body whose purpose is to conserve and interpret the man-made and natural environment of the London Borough of Bromley and adjacent areas and who within their annual programme hold Public walks which are open to everyone.

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We met at Charing Cross and walked down to Westminster Underground station and met our guide and about another 15 plus people ready for the 11 o’clock start. The weather was lovely sunny and warm the perfect day for a walk along the river.

We started at Westminster Bridge where our guide explained the walk and gave us some interesting facts on the statues around us. We crossed the road and made our way to Blackfriars. On the way he gave us an interesting talk on how and why the Embankment was built. We continued along and went into the many gardens which are beautiful. There are many statues and monuments along this part of the embankment which include among many Battle of Britain memorial, military and RAF famous personnel, Sir Joseph Bazalgette builder of the Embankment and Cleopatra’s needle. We passed Portcullis House, Ministry of Defence, Adelphi Buildings, Savoy Hotel, bv 3Somerset House, Middle Temple and finally arrived at Blackfriars Bridge. At one point we stopped to look down at an underground opening where you can see the trains go by and luckily a train went by which was exciting. It also made me realise that there is so much going on underfoot, making London the Town it is today.

This was an interesting walk with a very informative guide. We finished at Blackfriars Bridge and were given directions for our journeys home.

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We decided to have a drink but unfortunately as it was lunch time, one o’clock, all the eating houses were packed to overflowing and couldn’t accommodation the nine of us. A bus was the answer to take us to Trafalgar Square and our journeys home. Must add that this is only about the second time we haven’t managed to have our tea and chat!! At Charing Cross we said our farewells and made our ways home after a very good morning in the heart of London. Just for the record the walk was about two miles and I felt ok – so my legs are doing well!