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Tuesday 23rd June – 21st meeting of 2015

A return visit to the Ranger’s House to view the rose garden at the back of the house which is part of Greenwich Park was our plan for today. We met at Blackheath station and went for a coffee in the Age Exchange centre. This is a shop opposite the station which is a community centre. It houses Blackheath Library has a small exhibition area and a delightful cafe. This is a lovely centre which is run by a charity and has won lottery funding for improvements.


From here we walked across Blackheath in lovely sunshine which was a pleasant change from the gale force winds we had to encounter on our last visit to Ranger’s House.

We went straight into the rose gardens which is Greenwich Park property and is tendered for by Park Rangers. We had learnt about this on our visit to the Ranger’s House. From the house it looks as if it is part of the house but is actually Greenwich Park.



A walk around the garden showed a lovely display of well over 100 different types of roses. Some were fully in bloom while others were just starting to flower. Various colours and different types of roses are growing here. Some had a lovely scent but alas the newer varieties lack in scent.


After our walk and then a sit to admire the whole garden we made our way back to Blackheath station and our trains home after a lovely day in one of my favourite parts of London!