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Tuesday 7th July – 23rd meeting of 2015

Back to our normal Tuesday today after our holiday week with a meeting at our usual Charing Cross. There were lots of school children on the trains going on outings to London. We went to Embankment Underground for a train to South Kensington with a walk through the tunnel to the museum. The museum was really busy with school parties, a long queue for the Alexander McQueen exhibition and also the Pain and Pleasure shoe exhibition open it was very busy. This is a fabulous museum and my favourite one. There is always a hustle and bustle in it and always people from many different places – a living museum!

luxury4We went to The William Morris Tea Rooms for our coffee and chat. From here we went to the entrance hall where the exhibition which is free was housed. The exhibition is in conjunction with Craft Council partnership. It looks at the question of What is Luxury. It presents exceptional examples of old and contemporary design and also looks at what might be luxury in the future.







The first part showed exhibits of different types and ages. A wonderful embroidered robe of gold thread dating from 1640.  A golden crown, clothes, furntiure, time pieces and a hat of golden thread. All displays had a clear note explaining when and how items were made also adding the time taken to produce the pieces.







The second part was futuristic looking at times when some of today’s products may be in short supply and luxury will be different.

A well laid out exhibition which looked at what is or what will be called luxury but this really is a personal choice!

From here we made our way to the trains and home in sunshine but with a very threatening sky!