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Tuesday 15th September – 27th meeting of 2015

Today we were down to just three ladies! The rest of the team was off to places far and near for well deserved holidays.

So with so few of us we decided to visit the stone horses that are on the shore of the Thames between Vauxhall and Lambeth bridges. These have been commissioned by Totally Thames a charity that every September hold events and exhibitions to celebrate life on The Thames which is the heart of London.

stone horses

We met at Waterloo station and walked along the riverside to Lambeth Bridge. This is a fabulous walk as you pass such buildings as Houses of Parliament and you really feel you are in centre of London Town! Although windy and pretty cold it was dry but the sky very threatening. At Lambeth Bridge we could see the horses in the distance.  We stopped off and went into Lambeth Palace for a coffee and comfort break! We have been in the cafe before and really enjoyed a coffee and their delicious cake!

From here we went along the river to view the horses. ‘The Rising Tide’ created by Jason Declaires Taylor is said to ‘question our future relationship with fossil fuels’. It shows four horses with heads replaced by oil derricks and seated on then are two business men with eyes closed (oblivious to global warming) and two children (the hope for the future).

stone horses 1

It was low tide so we could go onto the shore and have a close look at them. There was a lot of detail in them even to the boys ‘Nike’ trainers! There were other people looking at them but we were all warned of the dangers of sinking in the Thames clay! As the tide comes in the figures are submerged and covered at high tide.

I thought they were very interesting to see and certainly made me think of the ‘question of fossil fuels’.

It started to a rain as we walked back so we got a 77 bus which took us to Waterloo station. I went straight for a train home but the other two ladies decided to visit a shop which looked very interesting!