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Tuesday 22nd September – 28th meeting of 2015

Our numbers up to five today and after meeting up at Charing Cross we took the District Underground line to South Kensington and a visit to Victoria and Albert Museum. There is a special exhibition on throughout September to celebrate Design in London.

The trains were very busy with lots of school children. Once at the museum we made straight for the William Morris tea rooms. This is a lovely area. I like it very much and although it is one of the most expensive cups of tea in London it is well worth it as the surroundings are beautiful!

From here we made our way to view the displays. After speaking to one of the information staff who gave us maps of the museum showing all the special areas we crossed the courtyard to go to British Gallery 52b, to look at the ‘Curiosity Cloud’ installation.

va des 3

This was a set of large electric light bulbs with model insects inside and flying around under the light, stopping when you approach them and flying again as you move away. This has been commissioned by Champage Perrier-Jouet and designed by Austrain design team mischer’traxler. Personally I wasn’t keen on it. Although all mechanical somehow it seemed real!

We looked at a large display showing the enlargement programme that the Museum is in the process of making. When finished it will improve services that theva des 2 Museum offer. It will include more display space, exhibition space, study space and also a new cafeteria. The models were very impressive.

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We also went to ‘The Tower of Babel’ an imposing six-metre installation by Barbaby Barford situated by the main entrance. The tower is made up of 3000 bone china shop facades, each depicting a different London shop photographed by the artist. At its base are the derelict shops and at its top London’s exclusive boutiques. This is amazing and fascinating. We could pick out many shops and there were binoculars that you could use to spy at the top shops. We had a long chat with the Museum helper who explained how it was made and told us that all the houses were for sale once the exhibition is over. The prices ranged from £95.00 for the first layer and rising to £6,000 for the top layer. Many have been sold already.  This was a really interesting display.

va des 1

We backtracked to look at ‘Make/Believe’ display. The rooms here were devoted to models, clothes and objects used in television and film productions. Lots of ‘Dr Who’ bits and a lovely display of the ‘War Horse’.

This was a very interesting morning and certainly brightened up a really wet and dull Tuesday! We then went to the station and made our ways home.