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vic 4Tuesday 10th November – 35th meeting of 2015

Charing Cross was our meeting place today and then the District Line to South Kensington and the walk through the tunnel to Victoria and Albert Museum. We had planned to view the exhibition of Indian Fabrics but at £14 each we decided not to go.

We went along to my favourite William Morris Tea Rooms for coffee and chat and then joined the 12 o’clock guided Introductory Tour. These tours run everyday and are free. They are led by volunteers and last about one hour.

vic 3

Our lady guide met us at the main entrance and gave us an outline of the exhibits she would cover. It was a group of about 20. She started by giving us a little history of Victoria and Albert Museum.  We stayed on the ground floor and went into many galleries. The medieval gallery, the Asian galleries where we saw the Islamic Ardail Carpet. This is the oldest-dated and one of the largest carpets in the world.

We went into the Indian Gallery were we saw Tipu’s Tiger this is a carved and vic 2lacquered wooden semi-automation tiger mauling a man. Dated around 1793. This I thought was a really gruesome exhibit but quite amazing for its age and condition.


We were shown sculptures in the Sculpture gallery and a beautiful lacquered table in the Chinese gallery.

This was a very interesting tour and a really good way to learn about the Museum and it’s contents. As the guides arrange the tour themselves each one would be different and you can go and learn something new each time. I think this is an amazing event that the Museum offer and it is all free!

After the tour we went into the shop and some ladies purchased some items for Christmas. We then made our way back to the station and our journey home after a very pleasant morning!