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Tuesday 24th November – 37 meeting of 2015

Today eight of us met at Charing Cross and then took Bakerloo Line, six stops, to Marylebone to join The Beatles “In My Life” walk. Not very nice weatherwise cold and looking as if rain would start any minute. We arrived at 10.30 am and as the walk didn’t start until 11 o’clock we sat in the station and had a coffee to warm up! My first visit to Marylebone station and I found it very nice. Of course busy with plenty of eating and shopping places!

beatles 2

At 11 o’clock we joined Richard the guide from the London Walks organisation and along with another eight people we paid our fee £8.00 for seniors to him. He then gave us an outline of the walk. He is known as “the Pied Piper of Beatlemania” so we knew we would be told lots of facts and stories of The Beatles!

He took us around the station and side roads which were used in the Beatles films A Hard Day’s Night and Help. During the whole of the walk he showed us photos and it was interesting to recognise the buildings and areas show in the scenes of the films, much unchanged.

We went to Marylebone Registry Office where Ringo and Maureen his first wife and Paul and his third wife were married but unfortunately it was covered in scaffolding and is undergoing a major overhaul. Next onto Montague Square where Ringo had owned a basement apartment. This apartment was used by all the Beatles and many stars including Jimmi Hendrix and John and Yoko also lived there for a short time. There is a Blue Plaque to acknowledge John lived there.beatles 5

beatles 3

As we walked round to the house that Jane Asher lived in, it started to rain. Paul and Jane were together for many years and Paul lived in the family house. This is where he and John wrote ‘I want to hold your hand’.


We saw the shop which the Beatles called The Apple Store which sold clothes shoes and this and that. It was a business venture which never took off, didn’t make any money so was closed after a short time.

Back into the station and journey to St John’s Wood where there is was a Beatles Coffee Shop run by Richard which also sells Beatles memorabilia. A short walk to the Abbey Road Studios and the famous zebra crossing. When the Beatles used the studios they were known as EMI recording studios but the named was changed after the success of the Beatles Abbey Road album. There were many people with cameras walking the zebra like the Beatles and being photographed. Apparently about 1000 tourists a day cross the zebra. Of course we had to do it! No point going there and not doing it. Such an iconic album cover! The wall outside the studios has many messages to the Fab Four written on it by the fans and is re-painted white every month! That’s what you call dedication from the fans even after so many years!!beatles 7

beatles 6

The walk finished here. It was very enjoyable and we all learnt a lot about the fab four. Richard certainly knew his stuff and was so enthusiastic!

The weather was miserable by now so we all went straight to the station and got our trains back home to enjoy a cup of tea and warm-up!