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Tuesday 12th January 2016 – second meeting of 216

Today we met up at Victoria and travelled by underground to South Kensington for Natural History Museum, on a very busy train along with the normal school parties off to the museums. We made out way to the cafe for our coffee and catch up – a party of eight ladies this week (one away on holiday) plus two husbands who joined us to see the photos.

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We walked through the museum to the exhibition and paid our £6.75 senior entrance fee. All the photos were excellently displayed and grouped in various categories including junior and the standard was extremely high. Alongside each photo was a description of the subject and how the photographer managed to get the shot plus all the technical details of equipment used. We split up and wandered around seeing all the photos and as normal we agreed to disagree with the judges on some of the awards!!!


The wildlife photo of 2015 was by Don Gutoski of Canada – A Tale of Two Foxes – which showed an Arctic Fox being killed by a Red Fox – very graphic!

There was also a sliding film show of 25 finalists for the People’s Choice which was wide ranging in subjects and the winner was a delightful photo by Thomas Vijayan of India entitled ‘A Swinging Time’.  This showed grey langurs (monkey) sitting on a branch whilst a baby hangs underneath swinging on two of the adult’s tails.

wp2016 1

It was a very good diverse exhibition and as usual we enjoyed it so will probably be back again next year! We then made our way back to the underground then on home.