Tuesday 16th February – 7th meeting of 2016.

London Bridge was our meeting place today and a short walk to Textile and Design Museum at 83 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3XF to view The Liberty Fashion Exhibition. The short walk turned into a fairly long walk as we missed the road we should have taken. Could be too much chatting going on caused this mistake!! We went for a coffee at Tower Bridge to have a rest and catch-up. When we came out we still were unsure of the route so one of our ladies got out her phone and with the walking app we finally made it to the museum. Modern technology is really marvellous!

lib 5

We purchased our ticket £7 concessions for the exhibition. As the exhibition closes at the end of the month so it was pretty busy. The exhibition was very good. It showed in chronological order the progress of Liberty’s and all the designs and materials, floral, paisley and patterned prints and dress fabrics that it is so well-known for. Liberty’s was created by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875 and this year is the 140th anniversary of the company. It showed the progress of the company from Eastern designs of 19th century through Art Nouveau and Art Deco of the 20th century to modern day.

Set out very clearly in sections and lighting and positioning made it easy to view. The floral designs of 50’s were very interesting and would not be out of place today. I particularly liked the smocking section. There were some fabulous garments on show and such delicate intricate work. Amazing what was created in earlier times all by hand! Patience and imagination must have been amazing. Not sure if we could repeat it today!

lib 4


lib 3





We spent quite some time viewing the exhibition as there were over 150 items including garments, shoes, and handbags.

lib 2

Once we were all finished and collected together we left the Museum and walked to London Bridge for our trains home. Pleased to say that we took the exact quick route to the station without any problems!